Monday, 17 August 2020

More Meds and a belated Red Kite

Another strange weather day. Light breezes predominantly from south, but started from east and ended in west. Mainly overcast, but some showers and sunny spells.

Red KiteThursday 13th Aug 12.30pm. Per Brian Rafferty.
picked up flying over Red Nab, on over Sunderland Point and Cockersand, out of view south east. 

Red Nab/ Ocean Edge area 
Early morning (PM)
Mediterranean gull - at least 72 including one dark davic ringed juvenile.
Yesterday's white ringed bird read by Pete Crooks has been identified as being ringed in the Netherlands.
3745109 White 3LX9
Ringed:     nestling       20/6/19   San van Gent, Terneuzen, Zeeland, Netherlands 51 14N 3.49E
Seen:                            7/11/19   Nevern Estuary, Newport, Pembroke, Wales
Seen                            3/2/20      Gann Est, Dale, Pembroke       
Seen                            16/8/20    Heysham outfalls, Lancs

Mid morning - high water (MD)
Sandwich Terns seemed to be everywhere, but never saw more than 10 together.
Shelduck 4 - first for a while
Knot c1,000
Common Sandpiper 1
Rock Pipit 1
Wheatear 1

Middleton Nature Reserve mid afternoon (MD)
Just a brief check of the main pond to see how the mute are doing.
The two resident breeding birds are still holding territory on the south side of the pond. They still have two cygnets and seemed to have formed an alliance with another adult to keep the aggressive male at bay. 
The pair from the "no swimming" pond with three cygnets are, reluctantly, confined to the north side of the pond.

Emperor 3
Brown Hawker 2
Common Darter 6
Black-Tailed Skimmer 3
Black-Tailed Skimmer with a Common Blue Damselfly.

Lighthouse area (MD)
Checked at 14:45 as the beach was becoming exposed. Hoping for a chance to read any Darvic ringed Mediterranean Gull. 13 birds quickly turned up, unfortunately none ringed.
Whinchat 1
RockPipit 1
Wheatear 2
This male Wheatear was still looking quite smart.

There was a short but heavy shower at 18:00. I returned at 18:45.
Wheatear 5
Whinchat - at least 1, probably 2

Not great shots, it was very flighty

Mediterranean gulls- at least 28 including 2 juvenile. Again, unfortunately none with darvic rings.
This is a better shot of one catching a sand mason worm. 
First they grab it with the bill....
Then between tongue and, in this case, upper mandible.
I think it allows them a better "feel"
So as not to break the worm