Saturday 3 March 2018

Iceland visits the model boat pond

Good coverage today by Malcolm and Justine.

Iceland Gull - waterfall area late am then found on the model boat pond mid-pm - presumably because the freshwater bathing at red nab underwater?
ice on ice model boat pond
Chough - second field most of the day
Velvet Scoter - not seen : no late afternoon tidal check
Stonechat - 4-5 Ocean Edge/Pontins foreshore, female HM Bay
Golden Plover - 5 along beach by old Pontins site and at least two behind medical centre
House Sparrow - one collecting nesting material near Pontins!!
Water Rail - one in dyke near footpath between ocean edge and pontins
Rock Pipit - HM Bay
RB Merganser - 2 males and one female off Heysham head close inshore at HT
Fieldfare - two urban Heysham
Redwing - about 10 reported
Song Thrush - two OE saltmarsh, one HM Bay