Friday 22 November 2013

Subterranean guillemots

Heysham obs
 Far from being 'trapped', guillemots which enter the underground reservoir by the power station intake have whale of a time and can then get out at low tide. There may be three doing this at the moment. A few years ago before risk assessments were invented we went in there with landing nets and caught/ringed 6 including a northern bird. Indeed our a toons may have invented risk assessments as a ten page document including the word 'no' materialised and we then realised they could get out anyway

 Plenty of seed left at dusk last night and this morning's ringing session comprised a small gang of twite and goldfinch with no sign of the big linnet flock . These included the 2o11 machrihanish- ringed bird seen in the field

 The other news involved blackbird with a notable arrival of at least 30 around the office area plus a singleton on the north wall along with a late migrant meadow pipit

 Moths consisted of an incredibly geriatric angle shades and a pristine winter moth if that is the right word to use