Sunday, 9 January 2022

Black Redstart

WSW wind. Mainly overcast with a few showers, and glimpses of sunshine.

Black Redstart 1 female/immature on power station fence by (first) dog leg down the single track road to gate 38 (ref Craig Bell) - As this track is along the Power Station boundary, you may attract the attention of the  Power Station Police here. They will just need reassurance of your reason for being there, but best if you have some form of identification, and pictures inside the power station boundary are not allowed. (MD)

Pale-bellied Brent goose 36 seen from Knowlys Road (ref Mark Breaks) - later at 14:30 at least 31 landed on Red Nab

Shag 1 juvenile in the harbour, at least in the afternoon 

Heysham skear - low water 10:40
Eider c120
Great Crested grebe 2
Little Egret 3
Oystercatcher c2,000
Knot c250
Dunlin c50
Redshank c100
Turnstone c20
Curlew c20
Some of the Knot and Dunlin having a brief rest at slack water.
Even the "sleeping" ones always have one eye on you.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just the 5 minute check in passing
Mute, Coot and Moorhen unchanged.
Mallard 10
Gadwall 41 (2 on main pond)
Shoveler 2 (pair)
Wigeon 2 (pair) - this clip is as much for the audio as the video. After a while, the drake Wigeon whistles for his mate (she was on the other side of the pond and continued to totally ignore him). But at least it persuaded the drake Shoveler that he wasn't a threat.

Teal 11 - these are some of them dropping in

Tufted 3 male - the Coot has now decided that it is more expedient to hang around with the diving ducks (they reminded me of three Nuns and a Vicar.........perhaps I should get out more! (MD)). At least they didn't pinch its meal.

Just out of area:
Black Redstart 1 female/immature again near the blue house along Sandylands. 
There has been some, very understandable, concern raised by the residents of the houses where this bird visits their gardens. Cameras and optics looking into private property is only acceptable with the owner's permission. Please respect the privacy of the residents.

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