Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Another good variety of birds

The light wind started from east then moved down to SSE by mid afternoon, by late afternoon it had moved to SW. A few showers in the morning stopped around 11:00. The high cloud remained with some hazy sunshine.

Seawatch etc report from Pete (M)
Marsh harrier 1 female type north up Kent channel
flock 39 Arctic tern
1-2 dark morph Arctic Skua
2 Gannet
17 Sandwich Tern 
2 Wheatear on the north wall
Garden Warbler on singing along Moneyclose lane

Heysham Nature Reserve 
Jean's ringing session included this feamle Common Redstart
Female Common Redstart 

South shore 
I had a walk along just as the last shower was ending (MD) there were 4 Wheatear and 1 male Whinchat plus at least one other Whinchat on the east side of Red Nab. Pete had already checked before the shower and there were no Wheatear or Whinchat then, so obviously brought down by the rain. On my return at 12:20, there were still 4 Wheatear but now 2 female Whinchat.
Female Whinchat 

This clip shows front and profile views of the other female.

But the rain had brought others down and they were consolidating at Red Nab. Alan Physick initially had 4 then, later, 9, possibly 11 Whinchat! Plus at least 10 Wheatear.
Only one Whinchat remained after the wind had shifted to the west.

Whimbrel 8
Curlew 1
Common Sandpiper 3 (1 + 2 together)
Rock Pipit 4 - the one on the saltmarsh was obviously "drawing me away" from where presumably it has a nest site. It kept landing just in front of me looking submissive, then moving on as I approached.
Linnet 2 on saltmarsh, 6 near lighthouse - this is one of the saltmarsh birds having a bath in a rainwater puddle.

Grey seal 1 female between the outflows, 1 male drifting toward the north wall buoys.

Also from Alan - Singing male Grasshopper warbler  in fenced off cable farm area on path to Red nab this evening (plus Middleton Nature Reserve bird singing)

Heysham skear
The Osprey did not return this evening, there wasn't even a Peregrine to break the tranquility, if anywhere can be tranquil with 2000 Oystercatcher and 400+ Large gulls!
Eider 40
Great Crested Grebe 4 - 2 displaying 
Red-breasted Merganser 8
Whimbrel 6
Turnstone 5
Common Sandpiper 2

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