Tuesday 21 May 2024

Kittiwakes still coming through today, but probably the last we'll be seeing

A dry but largely overcast day. A light east breeze to begin with ended up,from north.

Seawatch report - Pete
Sea off Heysham a quiet mill pond this am but still a flock of 70 kittiwake in. Unprecedented passage of presumably high Arctic Kittiwake population has been the highlight this week, some 1.5 months after the usual peak passage of Kittiwake

2 Red-Throated Diver
c25 common scoter
300 plus 700 Knot heading north

Grey Seal 1
Last day of lengthy seabird monitoring.  

South shore (Malcolm)
Just a check from the saltmarsh to Red Nab towards high water.
Pink-Footed goose 3 initially on the mud out from the saltmarsh 
Pink-footed Geese with Lesser Black-Backed gulls and the only waders on the south side - Oystercatchers.

The tide caught the geese up and they drifted in with it.
Shelduck 2
Shelduck on the saltmarsh 

Eider 15 north
Most of a flock of 15 Eider

Carrion Crow 8 - making a living beachcombing on an otherwise deserted shore.

Common Whitethroat 4 singing males between the old Pontins and the copse behind Red Nab 
The previously vocal Cetti's warbler not heard today.
Wheatear 1 on the saltmarsh 
Peregrine Falcon 1 flew over the deserted Red Nab

North Shore (Malcolm)
Just a quick check on the ebbing tide as the inner skear became exposed.
Eider 13
Red-breasted Merganser 3
Great Crested Grebe 1
Little Egret 2
Knot c700

Turnstone 2. These are clips of them feeding and hinting at why more small waders have not lingered to feed (e.g. Sanderling). Some years at this time there are lots of brown shrimps at just the right size for small waders to feast on. But these two are working hard for meagre return.
This is a summer plumage bird.

This one still largely in winter plumage.

Pouring down and no car tomorrow!

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